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Address of the President
of 2xEnergy Foundation

Yevhen Rudenko
2xEnergy 2xEnergy

2xEnergy is built on a belief that good deeds never go unnoticed!

Our team Believes that the energy aimed at Good deeds will return manifold to each and every one who send it!

We believe that if people with the same positive thinking unite under a social project, they create a Force that can change this world for the better!

2xEnergy is a platform where people can exchange energy and make positive change together.

As the Director of the Blockchain Technology Development Institute, I not only decided to create a platform where all of this would be possible but also decided to use blockchain technology to prove mathematically that the universal law of energy return (Law of Compensation) works in practice.

I am confident that together we will be able to prove this and show the entire world that the people united around a common noble idea can do what others earlier called just a fantasy!

I am confident that together, we will change the global view of financial interaction between people around the entire world and make all participants of our project happier!

2xEnergy CEO